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Astonished, amazed, and my flabber is totally and completely gasted!!!

I have received a £10 donation today (anonymously according to the Charity page but I do know who it is from) for my Charity Abseil next Saturday (20th June) which has taken me

over £500 total sponsorship!!!

To say I am stunned is an understatement. My initial target was £200, which covered the minimum requirement plus some extra. I thought I would struggle to make that.

I cannot thank all of those who have sponsored me for this enough – I guess that over £500 means I have no way of ducking out now (not that I have considered it for a second!!). 

For anyone thinking of coming over to South Queensferry to join the fun, we are getting the train from Haymarket station to Dalmeney at 13:42, and I’ll be near the Hawes Inn in South Queensferry from about 14:00 onwards.

I have had it confirmed that I register that I am there around 15:30, and from there should be able to get up onto the bridge and begin my abseil within about 45 minutes. Apparently there is a commentator who introduces everyone as they make their way along the bridge!

So, bring yourself, a couple of cans or bottles of whatever makes you happy, perhaps some snacks, and after I come down, please join me for a little party along the road. I look forward to seeing some of you on the day 🙂

Thank you all once again, I am truly humbled….

Panorama of the Forth Bridge

Panorama of the Forth Bridge

Further details are available here