Music – it’s all around us. From the background music in your favourite tv programmes and films, the music in adverts, to that nauseating stuff in lifts. We all listen to something.

Me? I’m a bit of a rocker. Actually, quite a lot of a rocker!

The first album I really heard was Rising by Rainbow. From the opening keyboard solo of Tarot Woman through to the last cymbal crash of A Light In The Black I was hooked. That was in 1979.

Since then, as well as listening to literally thousands of albums, I have had the pleasure of seeing gigs all over the UK and across parts of Europe, the most recent being a trip to Holland for the 2015 Marillion Convention – a bi-annual event which just seems to get bigger and better every time.


Marillion, Centre Parks, Port Zelande, Holland Sunday night set, a set list of (most) of the singles, starting with Market Square Heroes – this first time the author has seen that track performed live since 1986!!

Much more to come on this page – album reviews from 50 years of rock and gig reviews from over 35 years of personal gigging – some great highlights to come (if I remember them!).

When I get them written, the first reviews will be the above mentioned Marillion Weekend and the new Quireboys album, St Cecila and the Gypsy Soul.

Be seeing you!


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