The Quireboys – St Cecila and the Gypsy Soul

Spurred on by the success of Beautiful Soul and Black Eyed Sons, The Quireboys unleash their third album in as many years, currently enjoying a burst of success and creative outpouring not seen since those heady days in the late 1980’s and early nineties where the star shone brightly, the decent sized venues were full and the world was at thier feet!!

Many a pint has been sunk along that road since, including a break up and reunion, which is now beginning to reap rewards.

I was with Spike and boys back in the day – that support slot on Aersmoth’s first European Tour in a generation, that headline Hammersmith show (at least 3 songs of which ended up as b-sides as I recall), the day at Donington in 1990 where they scared the pant of everybody….halcyon days indeed.

So what do the 2015 Quireboys serve up? Well, it’s a Quireboys album. This is rock n’ roll, but with a slight twist. Sure, those trademark sounds are there, as witnessed on album opener Gracie B, but this albums show a side of the Quireboys previously aluded to but not allowed to nurture. There is an air of maturity in this album. While everything the band has done has revolved around beer, music and fun times, this album seems to be more… well… almost adult in feel. And that isn’t a bad thing. Songs like ‘Land Of My Father’ are a new breed of Quireboys, and it is not unwelcome or out of place.

The pack is a big one. 4 discs, one of new stuff and 3 from the partially previously released Halfpenny Dancer era from a few years ago. The Quireboys have become quite adept as an acoustic band, and although the package may put some off, it is worth getting for the live stuff alone.

Nice to see the band, maybe finally, getting the recognition that EMI in particular managed to screw up in 1991!!


1. Gracie B
2. Land of My Father
3. St Cecilia
4. The Promise
5. Cant Hide It Anymore
6. Out of Your Mind
7. The Hurting Kind
8. Adaline
9. The Best Are Not Forgotten
10.Why Did It Take so Long

Spike – vocals
Paul Guerin – guitar
Guy Griffin – guitar
Keith Weir – keyboards
Nick malling – bass
Dave McClusky – drums

Produced by Martin Ekelund and The Quireboys

Disc two is a re-issue of the 2009 acoustic album ‘Halfpenny Dancer’

Discs three and four contain the previously fan club only release ‘Halfpenny Live’. The 17 song double album was recorded on the 2010 Halfpenny Dancer acoustic tour. ‘Halfpenny Live’ was limited to 1000 numbered copies, each one signed by the band and was only available to buy either at on at gigs. I have one, and it is a mighty fine live document 🙂

Disc Two: There She Goes Again, Devil of a Man, Love to Love, Mona Lisa Smiled, Halfpenny Dancer, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Roses & Rings, Baby It’s You, Hello, Pretty Girls, He’ll Have to Go, Long Time Comin’, Have a Drink with Me, Hates to Please, King of New York

Disc Three: There She Goes Again, Devil Of A Man, Mona Lisa Smiled, Love To Love, Roses and Rings, Pretty Girls, Can’t Stop Loving You, One For The Road, Hello

Disc Four: Hates To Please, Long Time Coming, Have A Drink With Me, Late Night Saturday Call, Misled, I Love This Dirty Town, 7 O’Clock, I Don’t Love You Anymore


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